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Increase in throughput


Reduction in capex investment


Compatible with WMS platform



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Path optimization algorithm

PAKA is a heuristic algorithm, developed to reduce travel distance in warehouse by optimizing the path, through a combination of Ant colony optimization (ACO) method and customer set rules.

Algorithm continuously improvises itself through self learning and real-time inputs from user. This makes it more powerful over a period of usage.

This algorithm can be implemented at a central server level as well in each node level. Integration and scalability are made hassle free, through standard integration techniques (REST protocol).

Click here to run PAKA™ simulation


Mobile application + Barcode scanner

GDT_PICK is an Android based mobile application developed to perform end-to-end picking function. Picking sequence is customized as per customer requirements. WMS integration is performed through REST API's.

Eliminate costly HHD computers by using MOPTro™ picking solution. Just plug any USB based barcode scanner (1D or 2D) to MOPTroOTG port and perform functions that require scanning.

A proprietary wireless protocol has been implemented to enable communication between USB scanner and GDT_PICK mobile application.


Analytics platform

GDT_CONNECT™ is a web and mobile based analytics platform, that provides performance reports, predictive maintenance alerts and self diagnostics.

Every MOPTro is cloud connected and provides vital data such as distance travelled, start stop cycles, average/max speed, battery state-of-charge and vehicle diagnostics.

MOPTro™ can be integrated with customer cloud as well through REST API's. This opens up the world of analytics through availability of fine mobility data.

Click here for GDT_CONNECT demonstration 

Package sorting

WASP (Warehouse Autonomous Sorter for Packages) is an automated solution for ultra fast sorting of packages. Conceptualized by Greendzine, to address the growing need for fast package sorting.